Top 5 reasons ACTUAL DAD’S should lose the “DAD BOD!”


This weekend families all over our country will be grilling burgers and drinking brews in celebration of Father’s Day. Dad’s are the heroes in our lives that have guided us, provided for us, and have taught us how to be successful and decent human beings. We love our fathers for this. We could never thank them enough.

When I think about my childhood, some of the most impactful experiences with my Dad involved sports and camping adventures. I consider myself very lucky to have a father who’s always been very active. Growing up he taught us how to swim, skate, body board, play soccer, tennis, and so much more. We were always outside. Every weekend day was spent either hiking, playing soccer, at the park, or at the beach. If it wasn’t for my dad setting the standard and being the example throughout my entire life, I wonder what active hobbies and love of fitness, (or lack thereof,) I would have today.

With that said, naturally when the “Dad Bod” phenomenon came to light, I was a little confused. The description of a Dad Bod is one who has a slight beer belly. He’s not quite overweight, but he doesn’t have an eight-pack either. He may go to the gym occasionally. And he doesn’t hesitate to scarf down half an extra-large pizza. Advocates are claiming that the “Dad Bod” is the new ideal male physique of which modern women are lusting over.(2) Some say it’s because they are less self-absorbed, more approachable men. Perhaps there might be some truth to it? But if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, regardless of superficial attraction, there are many important reasons why ACTUAL DAD’S shouldn’t succumb to the pressure of having a “Dad Bod.”

Top 5 reasons ACTUAL DAD’S should get rid of the “Dad Bod”

  1. You can’t keep up with your kids – Whether it’s playing sports with them or teaching them how to ride a bike. You’ll need some stamina to keep up, especially as they grow! You’re their most trusted coach, so make sure you’re capable to deliver and inspire.
  2. You’re losing your “Mo-Jo.” Often times, testosterone levels in men drop significantly with pro-longed lack of exercise. This is because exercise provides a surge of the hormone. “Following a workout, levels of testosterone rise for 15 minutes to an hour depending on your age, fitness level, and how intensely you exercised.”(1) Low testosterone can result in a variety of unpleasant symptoms from low sex drive to depression or irritability.
  3. You want your kids to be healthy – They are watching you closer than you think! Your actions are setting the example for how they will live their lives. Do you want to see them fit and healthy, or put them at risk for childhood obesity? Plus when they see you cross a finish line, or complete a challenging workout the pride on their faces to have such a strong dad will make you feel like their Superhero!
  4. You don’t spend any time on yourself anymore – When you become a parent, (whether it’s going to work, preparing meals, taking the garbage out, doing the laundry, or chauffeuring the kids around town,) time spent on you just doesn’t happen anymore. Setting your schedule to give yourself time to do something active that you love, will greatly increase your happiness, health, and overall quality of life.
  5. You need a confidence boost – Feeling stronger and wearing your clothes better will give you a boost of confidence that could transfer over into your life in seriously big ways! It might just land you a promotion at the office, or spice up your love life.

So there you have it! This Father’s Day, encourage your Dad not to buy into the hype. Inspire him to continue to be your Superhero. Give him thanks for all he does and reward him by being his biggest cheerleader in fitness and health, encouraging him to be more active – not less…

Dads as our special gift to you, we hope you grab one of our Father’s Day Gift Certificates. Or go ahead and grab one for a special Dad you know.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and active Father’s Day.


Sarah Gogarty (ACE-CPT)

SGO Fitness, LLC




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