Are your fitness goals helping or hurting you? “Trinity of Fitness”

you don't eat enough

September 1, 2014

My passion for fitness and my decision to become a fitness professional started from a much different place than from where it lies today. Growing up in sports, and as a middle child between two brothers, competitiveness was already second nature to me. And as a single, (let’s face it,) slightly insecure woman in my early twenties…well you know, I wanted that “rock body” and enjoyed a little attention.

Although I always wanted a fulfilling career that helped people, the reality is that this passion for fitness began as an ego-driven one. Driven to look good and to win and to help others do the same. But as I’ve gained more experience training clients from all walks of life, started a family of my own, and experienced first-hand how poor health can rob you of your quality of life, my perspective has shifted.

I started out wanting to train clients to get them simply looking and feeling better about themselves. (In other words, boosting their egos through what sometimes turned out to be short term wins.) Today, my primary passion lies in training clients for true health and happiness. A great body and winning the gold…well the truth is none of that matters if your health is suffering or if it’s making you unhappy.

Don’t get me wrong, drive and goals are still important to have for any person in life. It’s how we challenge ourselves to improve. But too often I’ve see clients and friends with outrageous goals or perspectives on how much they should weigh, what size jeans they should wear, or what crazy low body fat percentage they want to be. The truth is those are ego driven, superficial goals. These numbers DO NOT define your health or fitness level. And reaching them will not make you happy long-term, or fix all the problems in your life. 

You shouldn’t go reaching for a size 2, if your healthy weight is a size 6. Your health will suffer as you may be starving yourself to get there, or putting too much stress on the body and messing up your hormone balance. A goal like that is just setting you up for failure, depression, and other potential illnesses.

SO how do you define being TRULY HEALTHY and thus achieving long term happiness? I’ve come to learn that it’s a crucial combination of Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual well-being. A holy “Trinity of Fitness” if you will…

  • Physical Health: Can you play the sports you want to, or run around with your kids? Can you lift a heavy box down from a top shelf? Are you taking care of your body with healthy foods, exercise, recovery strategies, and adequate sleep?
  • Emotional Health: Are you generally Happy? Do you love yourself? Are your relationships healthy?
  • Spiritual: Do you believe in a larger purpose? Do you do your part in serving the world, and will you leave behind your legacy?

There’s a BODY-MIND connection in true fitness. Without it you’ll never be truly healthy and happy. So the next time you set a fitness goal, just check in with your ego and ask yourself the WHY behind it. If the root answer is to improve my health, then you’re on the right path! If not…check in with your Trinity of Fitness. Here’s to your Health!

Sincerely, Sarah Gogarty (ACE-CPT)

SGO Fitness, LLC

Co-Founder & Fitness Trainer

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