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As passionate fitness enthusiasts, we began our mission to establish a personal fitness business in 2007. Launching our company in 2009, today we are the Founders & Certified Personal Trainers of SGO Fitness, a premier Fitness Bootcamp and Personal Training company in beautiful San Diego, California. We currently continue to expand our services throughout San Diego County with additional locations and trainers. It is our dream to positively impact the lives of others through our fun & effective fitness programs throughout the world. We dedicate ourselves to fitness, wellness, and healthy living, and strive to share our knowledge, training expertise, and love of fitness with others. We believe it is our privilege to motivate and inspire our clients to reach their maximum fitness potential. We consider each of our clients to be part of our extended family and commit ourselves to improving their longevity and overall quality of life. We are devoted to providing the best in bootcamp fitness programs and personal training. We, our trainers, and our support professionals have the skills to get our clients on the right track, and keep them on the path to a strong, healthy, new and improved life!

Top 5 reasons ACTUAL DAD’S should lose the “DAD BOD!”


This weekend families all over our country will be grilling burgers and drinking brews in celebration of Father’s Day. Dad’s are the heroes in our lives that have guided us, provided for us, and have taught us how to be successful and decent human beings. We love our fathers for this. We could never thank them enough.

When I think about my childhood, some of the most impactful experiences with my Dad involved sports and camping adventures. I consider myself very lucky to have a father who’s always been very active. Growing up he taught us how to swim, skate, body board, play soccer, tennis, and so much more. We were always outside. Every weekend day was spent either hiking, playing soccer, at the park, or at the beach. If it wasn’t for my dad setting the standard and being the example throughout my entire life, I wonder what active hobbies and love of fitness, (or lack thereof,) I would have today.

With that said, naturally when the “Dad Bod” phenomenon came to light, I was a little confused. The description of a Dad Bod is one who has a slight beer belly. He’s not quite overweight, but he doesn’t have an eight-pack either. He may go to the gym occasionally. And he doesn’t hesitate to scarf down half an extra-large pizza. Advocates are claiming that the “Dad Bod” is the new ideal male physique of which modern women are lusting over.(2) Some say it’s because they are less self-absorbed, more approachable men. Perhaps there might be some truth to it? But if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, regardless of superficial attraction, there are many important reasons why ACTUAL DAD’S shouldn’t succumb to the pressure of having a “Dad Bod.”

Top 5 reasons ACTUAL DAD’S should get rid of the “Dad Bod”

  1. You can’t keep up with your kids – Whether it’s playing sports with them or teaching them how to ride a bike. You’ll need some stamina to keep up, especially as they grow! You’re their most trusted coach, so make sure you’re capable to deliver and inspire.
  2. You’re losing your “Mo-Jo.” Often times, testosterone levels in men drop significantly with pro-longed lack of exercise. This is because exercise provides a surge of the hormone. “Following a workout, levels of testosterone rise for 15 minutes to an hour depending on your age, fitness level, and how intensely you exercised.”(1) Low testosterone can result in a variety of unpleasant symptoms from low sex drive to depression or irritability.
  3. You want your kids to be healthy – They are watching you closer than you think! Your actions are setting the example for how they will live their lives. Do you want to see them fit and healthy, or put them at risk for childhood obesity? Plus when they see you cross a finish line, or complete a challenging workout the pride on their faces to have such a strong dad will make you feel like their Superhero!
  4. You don’t spend any time on yourself anymore – When you become a parent, (whether it’s going to work, preparing meals, taking the garbage out, doing the laundry, or chauffeuring the kids around town,) time spent on you just doesn’t happen anymore. Setting your schedule to give yourself time to do something active that you love, will greatly increase your happiness, health, and overall quality of life.
  5. You need a confidence boost – Feeling stronger and wearing your clothes better will give you a boost of confidence that could transfer over into your life in seriously big ways! It might just land you a promotion at the office, or spice up your love life.

So there you have it! This Father’s Day, encourage your Dad not to buy into the hype. Inspire him to continue to be your Superhero. Give him thanks for all he does and reward him by being his biggest cheerleader in fitness and health, encouraging him to be more active – not less…

Dads as our special gift to you, we hope you grab one of our Father’s Day Gift Certificates. Or go ahead and grab one for a special Dad you know.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and active Father’s Day.


Sarah Gogarty (ACE-CPT)

SGO Fitness, LLC



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Are your fitness goals helping or hurting you? “Trinity of Fitness”

you don't eat enough

September 1, 2014

My passion for fitness and my decision to become a fitness professional started from a much different place than from where it lies today. Growing up in sports, and as a middle child between two brothers, competitiveness was already second nature to me. And as a single, (let’s face it,) slightly insecure woman in my early twenties…well you know, I wanted that “rock body” and enjoyed a little attention.

Although I always wanted a fulfilling career that helped people, the reality is that this passion for fitness began as an ego-driven one. Driven to look good and to win and to help others do the same. But as I’ve gained more experience training clients from all walks of life, started a family of my own, and experienced first-hand how poor health can rob you of your quality of life, my perspective has shifted.

I started out wanting to train clients to get them simply looking and feeling better about themselves. (In other words, boosting their egos through what sometimes turned out to be short term wins.) Today, my primary passion lies in training clients for true health and happiness. A great body and winning the gold…well the truth is none of that matters if your health is suffering or if it’s making you unhappy.

Don’t get me wrong, drive and goals are still important to have for any person in life. It’s how we challenge ourselves to improve. But too often I’ve see clients and friends with outrageous goals or perspectives on how much they should weigh, what size jeans they should wear, or what crazy low body fat percentage they want to be. The truth is those are ego driven, superficial goals. These numbers DO NOT define your health or fitness level. And reaching them will not make you happy long-term, or fix all the problems in your life. 

You shouldn’t go reaching for a size 2, if your healthy weight is a size 6. Your health will suffer as you may be starving yourself to get there, or putting too much stress on the body and messing up your hormone balance. A goal like that is just setting you up for failure, depression, and other potential illnesses.

SO how do you define being TRULY HEALTHY and thus achieving long term happiness? I’ve come to learn that it’s a crucial combination of Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual well-being. A holy “Trinity of Fitness” if you will…

  • Physical Health: Can you play the sports you want to, or run around with your kids? Can you lift a heavy box down from a top shelf? Are you taking care of your body with healthy foods, exercise, recovery strategies, and adequate sleep?
  • Emotional Health: Are you generally Happy? Do you love yourself? Are your relationships healthy?
  • Spiritual: Do you believe in a larger purpose? Do you do your part in serving the world, and will you leave behind your legacy?

There’s a BODY-MIND connection in true fitness. Without it you’ll never be truly healthy and happy. So the next time you set a fitness goal, just check in with your ego and ask yourself the WHY behind it. If the root answer is to improve my health, then you’re on the right path! If not…check in with your Trinity of Fitness. Here’s to your Health!

Sincerely, Sarah Gogarty (ACE-CPT)

SGO Fitness, LLC

Co-Founder & Fitness Trainer

Tips to a Flatter Belly in just 30 Days


Tips to a Flatter Belly in just 30 Days

By Sarah Gogarty (ACE-CPT)

SGO Fitness, LLC

DISCALIMER – The recommendations below are based on the author’s personal experience and research. While they should be safe for the average healthy person, we all have different medical backgrounds and physical limitations.  Remember to always consult with your physician before starting a new diet or exercise program.

  • Drink plenty of Water. We are talking half your body weight in ounces. So a 150 pound person should aim for 75 ounces per day. (That’s about 4.5 regular size plastic water bottles 16.9 ounces each.) Drink small amounts all throughout the day to avoid flushing.
  • No More Booze! Beer is especially problematic. Alcohol not only causes bloating, it also is high in calories and inhibits fat loss. They don’t call it a beer belly for nothing! I know what you’re thinking…“but it’s so hard,” and “I don’t want to.” Just give it 30 full days and see how your belly looks. Thereafter, you can re-introduce it slowly and enjoy again. Just keep it in moderation. 😉
  • Limit the Grains. Or go Gluten-Free! This does NOT mean go on a No-Carb Diet; it simply means to replace most of your grains with fiber rich carbohydrate sources such as vegetables. (Because I’m a runner and active person who burns lots of carbs, I stick to a Gluten Free diet which allows gluten free grains such as rice, quinoa, and gluten free oats.)
  • Reduce or Eliminate Sugar. Sugar causes our system to crave more calories soon after consumption. It’s also adds empty calories. Not to mention the risk of developing Type II Diabetes with excessive and pro-longed high sugar, (or high Glycemic,) intake. Try sticking to no added sugar or eliminating it all together. Stevia or Truvia are plant based sweeteners that are deemed safe that can be used when necessary.
  • Eat Clean!  If you’re eliminating grains and sugar, chances are you’re already eating pretty clean. Clean eating means, no processed foods. Basically it means, EAT “REAL FOOD.” Yes, you know – the stuff that can be grown or raised on a farm! For optimum nutrition, go for Local Grown Organic and Grass-Fed if you can.
  • Activate your TVA Everyday! The Transverse Abdominus is one of the four core muscles. It is known as the body’s natural back brace, as it acts like a girdle, creating a strong foundation and helping you avoid injuries. Strengthen this muscle and your girdle tightens up, leading to a flatter tummy and a stronger body. Suck in and brace as if someone’s punching you in the gut and you’ve activated your TVA. One of the best exercises to work the TVA is the PLANK. To progress the movement, perform multiple variations of the plank. For a more dynamic version that targets multiple areas at the same time, go with one of the world’s best exercises…the good old fashioned Push-Up!
  • Torch Those Calories! Many people looking for a flat tummy are dealing with a stubborn layer of fat on top. In order to reveal the abs underneath, that fat layer needs removing. And how do we lose excess weight? Through creating a daily caloric deficit. Which pretty much means eat a little less and burn a little more. I’m willing to bet that once you’ve applied all of the above tips, your calories have been already been reduced. So the next step is getting your burn on! Aim for a moderate or mod-hard intensity sweat for at least 30 minutes every day. If you miss a day, no worries! Just don’t let a missed day happen more than one time per week for best results.

30 Days is a great time frame to RE-SET healthy habits. Take it day by day. Remember that slip ups happen and no one is ever 100% perfect. If you can stay on course and just be consistent, you will be amazed at the results! Now go MOVE, EAT CLEAN, SLEEP WELL, BE AWESOME, REPEAT!

You don’t snooze, you lose… Get those ZZZ’s, before you catch a Disease!


You DON’T snooze…you lose. Get those ZZZ’s, before you catch a Disease.

By: Sarah Gogarty (ACE-CPT) 

FACT: “More than one out of three adults get less than 7 hours of sleep a night.” – CBS News

I have always known that getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night is important for your health, but I never thought I was at risk because I slept well. Then I had my second child and suddenly was caring for two children, under the age of 4, (one a baby,) and losing sleep every night! Despite healthy exercise and nutrition habits, I developed an Auto-Immune, hypothyroid condition called Hashimoto’s. Hence, today’s article is to spread the knowledge about the many health risks of sleep deprivation and hope others will start getting there ZZZZ’s before they catch a disease! 

Lack of Sleep Causes…

Poor Nutrition – Lack of Sleep makes the body’s hunger response switch on. You want to eat, and you usually crave the high calorie/low nutrient comfort foods. In addition, when sleep deprived your Central Nervous System becomes more active, which inhibits the pancreas from producing adequate insulin. Insulin is what the body needs to digest glucose, resulting in impaired glucose tolerance – which can lead to a diabetic response.

Poor Workouts – It’s simple, low energy from lack of sleep makes for poor performance during your workouts. Sure you could suck a cup of coffee down before hitting the gym, but you might be putting additional stressors on your body, including the potential of dehydration, which isn’t healthy for you and won’t lead to optimal fitness improvements long-term.

Poor Recovery – Growth Hormone (GH) is secreted during deep sleep. This is what helps your muscle fibers repair and grow after your workouts. Without efficient sleep, you aren’t recovering well before your next workout…which will yield less results and potential injury.

Suppressed Immune System – Sleep deprivation adversely effects your white blood cell count. Let’s not forget all the other ways discussed above such as poor nutrition, workouts and recovery, that put your body under stress and a state of inflammation, all due to your lack of sleep.A suppressed immune system means you can expect to experience more sick days.Even more concerning,over-time and with the right triggers, this could even lead to developing auto-immune diseases.

Poor Skin and Appearance – This is to be expected from the effects of dehydration, poor nutrition, and a suppressed immune system, all brought on with Lack of sleep.

Low Mood & Depression, Irritability & Stress – We already learned that when we are sleep deprived, our CNS is in overdrive. This means we’re in a state of stress. Your cortisol levels increase with more stress and higher cortisol levels result in higher body fat production. If you aren’t in a state of Stress, then alternatively you might be experiencing extremely low energy which can lower your mood. Persistant low mood can result in depression and lack of motivation. If you’re sleep deprived, it’s common to swing from one to the other, making it very hard to be happy and enjoy life.

I hope this list inspires you to rest up and stay healthy! Remember…



Sarah Gogarty (ACE-CPT)

SGO Fitness, LLC



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10 Healthy Dinners.

Cooking Demo

I read somewhere that the average American eats the same 10 Meals on rotation. This got me thinking… if everyone learned to cook just 10 Quick Healthy Staple Meals, (and opted to cook those meals instead of eating out or grabbing something packaged,) wouldn’t that make for a much healthier America?!

With that thought came the next…What are my families 10 Go-To Healthy Dinners? Well here you go…

  1. Stir Fry – Use any lean protein you like, but I usually start by cubing up skinless chicken breast and chopping up a variety of veggies – carrot, broccoli, bell peppers, celery, mushrooms, etc.. For the sauce, whisk together ¼ cup of low sodium soy sauce with the juice of one orange, diced ginger, black pepper, a good splurge of honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Season and sauté the chicken breast first. Once no longer pink, throw in your veggies and cook for about 3-4 minutes. Add sauce and bring to a simmer. Let it all reduce down and simmer for another 5-10 minutes, until chicken is cooked through. Serve over 1 cup of streamed brown rice.
  2. Veggie Soup – Chop Up your veggies to fairly equal sizes. Chop up one onion and dice up a few garlic cloves and set aside. In a small bowl, combine some herbs and spices, (use ones that will complement the veggies you are using. For me I use Ground Coriander & Parsley the most.) Place your stock pot on the stove. Turn the heat to medium. Add 2 tablespoons of oil. Once oil is hot, add in your onion, garlic and spices/herbs mix. Stir for 1-3 minutes. Add a box of stock or 3 cups water and veggies. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer and let cook through for about 20 minutes. Taste your soup! Salt & pepper as needed. Serve as is or blend soup mixture for a different texture. Tip – I often like to add diced tomatoes or a can of chickpeas to make it hearty too.
  3. Spaghetti – One of my all-time favorites – I LOVE Italian food! You can make this the traditional way… (Brown lean ground beef in a pan then add to your jar of spaghetti sauce.) OR you can make it leaner and tastier by using ground turkey or chicken, adding a ton of chopped veggies, and making your noodles from Spaghetti Squash instead of Pasta. Spaghetti Squash is an amazing low carb alternative that tastes good too. To make it QUICKER THAN PASTA. Cut it lengthwise, scrape out the seeds, cover with saran wrap and microwave each side on HIGH for 6 minutes. Once cooked, you just use a spoon or fork and scrape it out. It will come out stringy like Spaghetti noodles!
  4. Breaded Chicken & Steamed Veggies – My husband likes his chicken breaded, so I simply bake it to keep it healthy! I like to either use skinless chicken tenders or bang out a couple of chicken breasts. Beat an egg in a large dish. Put your bread crumbs in a separate dish or large plate. First dip your chicken in the egg wash, then straight into the breading, covering completely. Place on a sprayed cooking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 until chicken is cooked through. For a crispier crust, place the chicken under the broiler for 2-3 minutes each side to finish. While the chicken cooks, Chop great big chunks of broccoli and carrots and place them in the saucepan to steam just 5-8 minutes before the chicken is done.
  5. Dinner Salad with Vinaigrette – This one’s the easiest and probably the most nutritious! Chop your greens – the dark leafy ones are the most nutrient packed! Top with your fave chopped veggies and maybe some fruit. Here’s the secret ingredient…FRESH HERBS! Roughly chopped mint or cilantro can really kick your salad up to gourmet. Use a light Vinaigrette or make one from scratch at home if you prefer. Top with a handful of nuts, an egg, or maybe some leftover cooked chicken breast for some protein!
  6. Fish in a Bag – Season your fish with salt & pepper. Chop some onion rings and fresh lemon rings. Make a pouch with aluminum foil. Drizzle with olive oil and place fish inside, topping it with the onion and lemon, and a sprinkle of parsley. Add a chunk on butter on top and close up your bag(s). Cook in the oven on a baking tray at 350, for 15-20 minutes or until fish is cooked through. Serve with quick steamed veg or salad and maybe a side of rice.
  7. Homemade Lean & Tasty Burgers & Baked Fries – My husband’s specialty! Use either lean ground beef or turkey for this one. To make the patties you add a beaten egg and some breadcrumbs to about 1-1.5lbs of ground meat. But the secret to the tastiest homemade burgers ever is to add your own extras into your patty mix like diced onions & bell peppers, Worchester sauce, cumin, salt & pepper, etc.! Grill these up outside or on the George foreman. Either way they will be way more amazing than your favorite burger joint-I promise! We often use sweet potato and always do our baked fries in a little olive oil, salt & pepper at 425 for 20 minutes (10 per side.)
  8. Thai Curry – My absolute favorite curry is Thai. Curries are usually as quick as stir fry, but you will need to make a few variations. I first brown my chicken and add my veggies to the pan until the veggies are starting to cook down, then remove them. Then using that same pan, I start the Thai sauce. For Thai, you will need a can of coconut milk, fish sauce, brown sugar, and Thai curry paste. First sauté 2-3 Tablespoons of your paste in a little oil over medium high heat. Add the can of Coconut Milk fish sauce and brown sugar and bring to a boil, add your cooked chicken and vegetable mixture and reduce to simmer. Cook for 5 more minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Serve over 1 cup steamed jasmine rice.
  9. Roast Dinner – This one is pretty self-explanatory and an absolute must-have. Salt & Pepper your Bird or other Meat Roast. Drizzle with olive oil or melted butter. Use any additional herbs you desire. (Fresh Garlic and Rosemary are staples in my roast dinners.) Place in the top of your roasting pan. For the bottom of your pan, roughly chop up root vegetables and coat in olive oil salt and pepper. Place in oven for the given necessary time at on 350-425, depending on your meat and size of roast. Always let your roast rest for 10 minutes outside the oven prior to carving.
  10. Chili – For number ten I am going to give you the link to Jaime Oliver’s 15-Minute Meals Veggie Chili. Hands down this is the absolute most delicious chili recipe I have ever had! It works great as a meat chili too…just add your cooked lean ground beef or turkey. http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/veggie-chilli-with-crunchy-tortilla-avocado-salad


Sarah Gogarty, (ACE-CPT)

SGO Fitness, LLC

Phone 619-300-6821


A San Diego Valentines Love Story: Pita and Marco


Proof that changing your life for the better can lead to love………………

Pita’s life took a big turn in 2011. After a visit to the doctors she realized her health had to take priority and she invested in joining an exercise group, SGO Fitness in San Diego. She says, “One can feel “good” and accepting of your weight issues but when you are told that your actions are putting your life in danger, you see the numbers and something just clicks and you have to take action. I’ve struggled my entire life with weight, finding a caring, supportive, strong, fun, accountable group like SGO Fitness made a big difference in my journey to a healthier me.”

By October 2011 she had lost 45lb bringing her life to a healthier point.  With her new confident outlook on life a couple of her Bootcamp friends encouraged her to sign up on match.com and on her first date she found the love of her life Marco.

Little did Pita and Marco know their lives had been destined to be together. When they were toddlers they lived in houses facing each other in Tijuana. On their firsts date which lasted 5 hours they knew they had found someone they wanted to get to know better.  Pita found a man that shared her love for old cars.  On their first date Marco took Pita to Balboa Park’s Automotive Museum, she fell in love with his passion for cars and the way he treated her from day one.  After 9 months of dating Marco asked Pita to be his wife, share her life with him and be his girlfriend forever.  On Sept 29, 2012 Pita and Marco became husband and wife and they are counting on a happily ever after story.., till death do us part….


Top 7 Tips for Weight Loss Success and Long Term Wellness


Top 7 Tips for Weight Loss Success and Long Term Wellness

by Sarah Gogarty ACE-CPT


1.       Focus on Behavior changes.

Why do exercise programs and nutrition plans fail? Usually because the person doing them doesn’t follow through with the major life and behavior changes involved. It’s not as simple as “Eat X number of calories per day.”  What we put in our mouths and how much we exercise is linked to the way we behave & think. But when we can change the behavior, the success rate can be monumental.

Here’s an example – Let’s say you’re the person who always snacks in front of the TV. Well reduce or eliminate watching TV and you eliminate the behavior. Or you could try to change that habit by adding a positive behavior such as getting up and doing an exercise during the commercial breaks.

2.       Establish a Support Group.

Remember that feeling? The Peer Pressure you experienced in school? Well believe it or not, social pressures and the urge to feel accepted does not go away post teen years! When you surround yourself with people making poor life decisions, you are more likely to participate in those poor choices too. Get involved or surround yourself with people who have like-minded goals, or participate in healthy social activities. Join a fitness community or weight loss group to get you started!

3.       Make your Fitness FUN.

Why the heck do they call it a “Workout?” Does it have to be such hard “WORK” for it to count as decent exercise?  The answer is NO! As long as you’re bringing up that heart rate and working up a little sweat, then you are exercising. If everything inside you screams THIS SUCKS! – even after exercising – then find a different activity to do that you actually like! There are so many different ways to exercise-from traditional training to group fitness, sports and rec, to dancing the night away. Chances are you plan to spend a lot of your time doing these to reach your goals, so make sure you enjoy it! Life is too short to torture yourself.

4.       Eat Intuitively.

Food journaling has been a proven way to successfully achieve weight loss. But if that’s just not for you – that’s ok! You can still be successful! As long as you are MINDFULLY EATING, then you’re probably eating well enough. This essentially means to THINK about WHAT you are putting into your mouth. Eating intuitively means not to eat in front of the TV, or in the car. Paying attention to portions and balance your plate with lean protein, healthy carbs & fats; or, planning your meal and snacks ahead. Keep in mind that being prepared in advance with healthy options will significantly aid in your nutritional success.

5.       Live Upright.

It’s simple. The more you are on your feet, the more calories you burn. Finding small ways to get on your feet more throughout your day really adds up over the course of a week. In fact, we sit so much as Americans that they’ve given the hazardous practice a medical term. They call it “sitting disease,” and most people who work desk jobs are at risk. “A desk-bound man or woman takes only 5,000 to 6,000 steps a day. That compares with about 18,000 steps a day for the average man and 14,000 for a woman…” Try adding more upright activity in your day to avoid “sitting disease.” For example, get up from your desk every 20 minutes. Park further away from the building and walk. Walk to the local market for milk. Take the stairs, etc. http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/health/weightloss/2009-01-21-fidget-activity_N.htm

6.       Think Well – Be Kind to Yourself.

Our emotions generate hormonal responses that play significant roles in what we do. Therefore it is SO important to get your mind “thinking well.” This is arguably an even more important step than the rest. Without the right mindset, we can’t implement behavior changes and thus achieve goals. Must try tips on how to reach emotional wellness include practicing meditation, using affirmations, visualization tactics, implementing unconditional “Self-Love,” and eliminating personal “FEAR,”  or “False Evidence Appearing Real.” ~Gabrielle Bernstein, page 16. “May Cause Miracles.”

7.       Give Back!

When it comes to staying positive, staying the course in weight loss, and generating emotional wellness, giving back is a major player. As per Huffington Post article written by Betty Ann Heggie, “Giving detaches us from our obsessive thinking about ourselves. It breaks down loneliness by creating a human connection. Giving and happiness feed one another — both are intertwined. Giving to others is a gift to yourself.” Try adding a little Gratitude and Charity to your schedule for a wellness boost! http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/betty-ann-heggie/positive-effects-of-giving_b_4418893.html

Weight Loss tip: Live you life, Not your Loss.

I cannot bear to hear another person tell me they are going to wait until they lose weight before they can travel, date, take a dance class…(do the things they love or want to try).  What has our society done to us that we feel like we can’t live life until we look a certain way.

Don’t you understand that you’ve put on the weight because there’s not enough joy, pleasure, treat, and enjoyment in life.  Because those things have been lacking, we often gravitate towards a quick food treat.  But…it’s so temporary, then we have to keep going back for more.  You keep searching for more food in your pantry hoping to satisfying some crazy cravings that never subside. We are full of responsibilities that our balance is completely screwed and the body is crying out.  Weight gain is only a symptom and a biological response to the stressors you’ve accrued.

If you fall in this category, I’d say “go and do it.”  Whatever “IT” is that you can’t do because you’re waiting to lose the weight.  You’ll find that once you get started, you’ll build relationships, move your body, and love life so much that you no longer need to eat the junk to feel satisfied, attract positive people who will delight you, and end the neglect of your body.

I see it constantly!  The people who finally embrace finding more and more joy in their life and not feeding the “I must lose the weight” fire, are the ones who truly succeed.  As my boyfriend says about his child’s tantrum, “if there’s no audience, there’s no concert.”  Ignore your “need to lose weight” tantrum and you will be free to fit into your skinny jeans again with ease and with so much fun.  Stop the torture and your body will start responding.

Join me.  Cheers to living and to life!!!

For more support, contact me:  http://www.HappyFoodHealth.com   

For easy cooking tips and recipes:  http://www.healthy-cooking-videos.com

 Samantha Hua

5 Fitness tips for Playing to help you get in shape!

As a personal trainer and fitness coach I’ve seen many clients approach exercise as a task to be endured rather than an activity to be enjoyed. This mindset leads to missed classes and sabotaged eating plans.

It doesn’t help that the two most popular words in the fitness industry are “Workout” and “Diet”. Who wants to do an activity that keeps telling you to go Work and Die? Wouldn’t you rather Play and Thrive?

So with this in mind let’s look at some tips to keep you motivated, happy and having fun this summer!

1) Play until the street lights come on!

When we were kids you’d play for as long as possible! You’d plead with Mom for 5 more minutes of play rather than go inside for dinner! Today, as adults we’d rather move less and never miss a meal!

 Find that enthusiasm again! Look for activities you love to do and work them into your summer plans. Garden, go for a beach cruise, play hide and seek with your kids. These all burn calories, but most importantly they all get you outside and enjoying the summer! You’d be surprised how fast the day goes when you’re having fun.

2) Learn from a kid.  Don’t be afraid to change the rules!

Ever watch children playing a game they’ve created? What happens when they don’t know what to do next? Do they give up and say “I’m no good so I won’t play anymore.” No! Give a child the space to play and they’ll come up with a new rule to any game!  

There are no rules in fitness, there are guidelines that have proven successful and techniques to keep you safe, but there are no one exercise that is the only answer. So don’t let yourself get stuck in a “workout” that’s work! Getting bored with a routine? Go do a Zumba Class for the day. Too hot to go for your regular jog? Go to the pool and try an Aquafit class! Mix it up!!

3) Drink from the Hose!

The sweetest drink I’ve ever tasted was water from my backyard hose after playing soccer with my friends one summer when I was ten. We were hot and sweaty and that cool clear water poured down our chins and all over our shirts as we gulped it down by the mouthful.

The summer brings with it all sorts of sugary drinks and rummy cocktails, and it’s fine to enjoy them once in a while. But, learn to love a tall cold glass of water again. Nothing beats it on a hot day and especially after a hard played game of exercise!

4) Never go anywhere without a ball.

What’s the first thing you think of when you see an adult or child carrying a ball? They’re going to go play something right? Keep a tennis ball in your trunk wherever you go. It is the most versatile piece of exercise equipment you’ll ever need. It can be an impromptu football, baseball or soccerball, a stress reliever when you squeeze it, a masseuse
when you roll on it, an instant dog tirer,  and an instant kid tirer too!

Here are a few games to try with one of your own:

Jog and Pass: Find a friend to jog with you and bounce the ball back and forth as you run. See how long it takes before you’re srinting after the ball giggling.

Wide Receiver: Switch between quarterback and receiver and call the play!

Hand Balance: Put the ball on the back of your hand and try to move around without dropping it. Challenge yourself!

Learn to Juggle!

5) Play with your Family

A Family that plays together, stays together. Not only will playing with your kids burn calories and help keep you moving, it build bonds, and give you a chance to connect with them.  You’ll also be giving your child a great opportunity to learn the skills they need to be active as they get older. Studies show that a child that grows up in a family where both parents are inactive are 88% more likely to become obese than those with active healthy parents. So be the parent they look up to to play!


Dedicate to your success,

Sean Gogarty

SGO Fitness


Commercial Break Workout!! Built so even TV cannot get in the way!

Commercial Break Workout!!  Built so even TV cannot get in the way!

Shows of a hour duration have 46 minutes of show and 14 minutes of commercials.  These  are broken into 2 minute commercial breaks. So you circuits are built to fit into the commercials or done all together! (Remember the goal is to do the whole workout. I’m just giving you a format that give you flexibility)


Equipment needed: You and Something Heavy ( A dumbell, gallon jug, or a small child perhaps)

Recommended Rounds: 4 to 8 rounds


Circuit #1 x 2 minutes!

30 seconds x Squat to Sit

30 seconds x Pushups

30 seconds x Knee touch Crunches

30 seconds x Cat to Cow Stretch


Circuit #2 x 2 minutes!

30 sec. x Full Body Get Ups (lie face down the stand up!)

30 sec. x Shoulder Press (lift weight above your head)

30 sec. x Hay Balers (lift weight across your body from floor to ceiling as if you we loading a truck.)

30 sec. x High Knee Steps


Circuit #3 x 2 minutes!

30 sec. x Dead Lifts (Bend at the waist and lift the weight using your hips, back and legs)

30 sec. x Shoulder Raise & Hold ( hold the weight out in front of you at shoulder height)

30 sec. x Squat to Sit

30 sec. x Bent over Rows (bend at the waist and lift the weight to your chest and and down)


Circuit # 4 x 1-2 Minute!

60 sec. x Cardio Choice! (Shadow Boxing, Elliptical, running in place, dancing with the kids, etc.)

Great Job!!

Dedicated to your success,

Sean Gogarty, SGO Fitness