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Sean Gogarty


Focus on the present

Written 3 months ago….
In the 9 months my son has been on this earth I’ve learned a lot.
Yes, I’ve learned how to change diapers, and expect to have his little hands grab everything that may be dangerous before grabbing his toys.
The greatest thing of all has been to rediscover WONDER. To see my little man mesmerized by his hands, the feel of a leaf on a tree, or the taste of blueberries! We need to capture that energy in what we do as adults. Get in touch with our senses, really taste our meals and feel our workouts.
When I first decided to follow my career in fitness I promised myself that I would always have fun. What I meant was I wanted to capture the essence of what we all had when we were kids. We didn’t go to the gym and sit lifting weights! We got outside, we ran around, we threw things in the air, WE WERE AWESOME!!
When you come to bootcamp or a training session this week, try and listen to your body and what’s going on around you. Experience your workout, feel every muscle working to get you to your goals, taste how amazing water is when you’ve earned it, and feel how satisfying a healthy meal is to the body as you recover. SMILE! Give each other a high five! PUSH PUSH PUSH!!
Get back to having fun with your workouts! Play hard and your body will follow. I’ll be there every step of the way.

I’ve got a high five with your name on it!

15 minute travel workout!

2-minute Warm Up: (30 seconds each)
Jumping Jacks
Line Hops
NordicTrack (skiing w/arms)
High Knees

Circuit 1 (2 Sets: about 5 minutes)

Push Ups (15)
Back Extensions (15)
Mountain Climbers (10 per leg, 20 total)

Circuit 2 (2 sets: about 3 minutes)

Squat–Kicks (10 per leg, 20 total)
Reverse Lunges (10 per leg, 20 total)

Circuit 3 (2 sets: about 3 minutes)

Toe touch crunches (15)
Kayaks (10 per side, 20 total)
Plank (60 seconds)

Stretch & Cooldown (2 minutes: 20 seconds each stretch)

Childs Pose (stretch lower back)
Reach for toes (stretch hamstrings and calves)
Stand-up & Thigh Stretch
Across body and overhead arm stretch
Shoulder Roll & Neck Roll
Big inhales with a reach


Monday May 3rd: Stations of 2 exercises x 2 rounds x 40 sec. each, then run the agility loop.

1. Step Ups & Bosu Crunches

2. TRX Rows & TRX Press

3. Plank w. Knee Drive & Toe touch Crunches

4. Dips & Skaters

5. Med. Ball Toss & Push ups

6. Bicep Curls & Shoulder Press

Agility Loop- Hops, Side Shuffle, 10 steps ups, ladder, and slalom.

Ended with Crunches and V-sits!