Tips to a Flatter Belly in just 30 Days


Tips to a Flatter Belly in just 30 Days

By Sarah Gogarty (ACE-CPT)

SGO Fitness, LLC

DISCALIMER – The recommendations below are based on the author’s personal experience and research. While they should be safe for the average healthy person, we all have different medical backgrounds and physical limitations.  Remember to always consult with your physician before starting a new diet or exercise program.

  • Drink plenty of Water. We are talking half your body weight in ounces. So a 150 pound person should aim for 75 ounces per day. (That’s about 4.5 regular size plastic water bottles 16.9 ounces each.) Drink small amounts all throughout the day to avoid flushing.
  • No More Booze! Beer is especially problematic. Alcohol not only causes bloating, it also is high in calories and inhibits fat loss. They don’t call it a beer belly for nothing! I know what you’re thinking…“but it’s so hard,” and “I don’t want to.” Just give it 30 full days and see how your belly looks. Thereafter, you can re-introduce it slowly and enjoy again. Just keep it in moderation. 😉
  • Limit the Grains. Or go Gluten-Free! This does NOT mean go on a No-Carb Diet; it simply means to replace most of your grains with fiber rich carbohydrate sources such as vegetables. (Because I’m a runner and active person who burns lots of carbs, I stick to a Gluten Free diet which allows gluten free grains such as rice, quinoa, and gluten free oats.)
  • Reduce or Eliminate Sugar. Sugar causes our system to crave more calories soon after consumption. It’s also adds empty calories. Not to mention the risk of developing Type II Diabetes with excessive and pro-longed high sugar, (or high Glycemic,) intake. Try sticking to no added sugar or eliminating it all together. Stevia or Truvia are plant based sweeteners that are deemed safe that can be used when necessary.
  • Eat Clean!  If you’re eliminating grains and sugar, chances are you’re already eating pretty clean. Clean eating means, no processed foods. Basically it means, EAT “REAL FOOD.” Yes, you know – the stuff that can be grown or raised on a farm! For optimum nutrition, go for Local Grown Organic and Grass-Fed if you can.
  • Activate your TVA Everyday! The Transverse Abdominus is one of the four core muscles. It is known as the body’s natural back brace, as it acts like a girdle, creating a strong foundation and helping you avoid injuries. Strengthen this muscle and your girdle tightens up, leading to a flatter tummy and a stronger body. Suck in and brace as if someone’s punching you in the gut and you’ve activated your TVA. One of the best exercises to work the TVA is the PLANK. To progress the movement, perform multiple variations of the plank. For a more dynamic version that targets multiple areas at the same time, go with one of the world’s best exercises…the good old fashioned Push-Up!
  • Torch Those Calories! Many people looking for a flat tummy are dealing with a stubborn layer of fat on top. In order to reveal the abs underneath, that fat layer needs removing. And how do we lose excess weight? Through creating a daily caloric deficit. Which pretty much means eat a little less and burn a little more. I’m willing to bet that once you’ve applied all of the above tips, your calories have been already been reduced. So the next step is getting your burn on! Aim for a moderate or mod-hard intensity sweat for at least 30 minutes every day. If you miss a day, no worries! Just don’t let a missed day happen more than one time per week for best results.

30 Days is a great time frame to RE-SET healthy habits. Take it day by day. Remember that slip ups happen and no one is ever 100% perfect. If you can stay on course and just be consistent, you will be amazed at the results! Now go MOVE, EAT CLEAN, SLEEP WELL, BE AWESOME, REPEAT!

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