A San Diego Valentines Love Story: Pita and Marco


Proof that changing your life for the better can lead to love………………

Pita’s life took a big turn in 2011. After a visit to the doctors she realized her health had to take priority and she invested in joining an exercise group, SGO Fitness in San Diego. She says, “One can feel “good” and accepting of your weight issues but when you are told that your actions are putting your life in danger, you see the numbers and something just clicks and you have to take action. I’ve struggled my entire life with weight, finding a caring, supportive, strong, fun, accountable group like SGO Fitness made a big difference in my journey to a healthier me.”

By October 2011 she had lost 45lb bringing her life to a healthier point.  With her new confident outlook on life a couple of her Bootcamp friends encouraged her to sign up on match.com and on her first date she found the love of her life Marco.

Little did Pita and Marco know their lives had been destined to be together. When they were toddlers they lived in houses facing each other in Tijuana. On their firsts date which lasted 5 hours they knew they had found someone they wanted to get to know better.  Pita found a man that shared her love for old cars.  On their first date Marco took Pita to Balboa Park’s Automotive Museum, she fell in love with his passion for cars and the way he treated her from day one.  After 9 months of dating Marco asked Pita to be his wife, share her life with him and be his girlfriend forever.  On Sept 29, 2012 Pita and Marco became husband and wife and they are counting on a happily ever after story.., till death do us part….


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