Budgeting Weight Loss like a Lion on a Three Legged Stool

                I hope I’ve grabbed your attention with the title of this talk. When it comes to the subject of weight loss there are certain factors that always seem to come into play. Three I’d like to talk about today are Balance, Emotion, and Attitude.

Balance: To be successful in your weight loss journey you have to attack your goal with a balanced plan. Think of a three legged stool with each leg representing Diet, Exercise & Activity, and Attitude. If you’re missing any one of the three legs you will be in trouble. Make sure your plan of action covers all three.

Emotion: Let’s try and take emotion about our weight out of the conversation.  For the first two legs of the stool Diet and Exercise we constantly run into emotional responses and roadblocks to our goals. So I want you to try to envision your weight as a bank account.

If you owed 200,000 dollars what would you do to pay it back?  200 grand just doesn’t appear out of thin air. You have to save, work hard, and invest wisely. Consider your weight as that debt.

Healthy eating is putting money in the bank. Every small deposit, every healthy food option no matter how small helps to pay off the debt.

Exercise and Activity is you going to work. You wouldn’t expect someone to just come to your door everyday with a bag of cash would you. We nobody can do your work but you.

Educating yourself and having a plan and goal is investing wisely. The more knowledge you know about what goes into your body, what exercises work best for you, and where you want your life to go, the better you can plan for your future.


Attitude: I have an analogy for you. What makes the Lion the king of the jungle?

A lion isn’t the biggest animal in the world, he’s not the fastest, he’s not even the smartest. So what makes him king of the jungle? Attitude.

When a Lion and an Elephant meet. The elephant is by far the stronger and bigger creature and should surely crush the little lion. So the Lion should be scared right. What do you think goes through the Lions mind when he see an elephant?   LUNCH.

It is his attitude that makes him the King.

In the Human world our Lions are our Athletes. When you have a purpose and a goal to achieve, if you focus on being the best you can be at that one focus, all the other benefits such as weight loss, fitness and emotional happiness will fall into place.


Sum Up:

1)    Putting all of your efforts into one leg of the stool may keep you on top for a while but eventually you lose your balance.

2)    Take the emotion emotions out of the equation by changing the way you look at your numbers.

3)    Extreme versions of Diets may give you a quick boost in the beginning but if they are not supported by a healthy foundation you’re in trouble

Find the passion in your life that will improve with weight loss. When we focus on positive improvements on our lives we’re more successful.


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