Achieving your Goal

Here’s a quick goals setting tip I learned just the other day.

1)      Take a piece of paper and write down 10 things you want to accomplish.

2)      Then ask yourself: “If you could accomplish only one goals on the list in the next 24 hours, which goal would have the most positive impact on your life?”

3)      Circle it, turn the page over and write it at the top of the page. Set a deadline for the goal and write down everything you can think of to achieve that goal.

Then, and this is the most important thing….

4)      Do something every day. Do something every day that moves you one step forward to accomplishing that goal.

You will surprise yourself at the things you will accomplish by doing something every day to achieve it.

Hope that helps in getting started.

Weight Loss, Peer Pressure and Holiday Pitfalls

With Memorial Day come to a close and the BBQ’s and long weekend celebrations coming to an end how did you do? Did you stick to your goals? Did you get your exercise in? Did you keep track of how you ate?

Holidays and parties are some of the hardest times to keep on track with your weight loss goals. Here’s a few reasons why:

1)  Unhealthy Food in large supply

2) Unhealthy Portion Size

3) Alcohol in large supply.

4) Social Pressure to be part of the party

5) People who don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

The first thing we need to address is if you fell off the wagon this weekend, get back on. You have not failed, it’s not all lost, and you haven’t destroyed everything you’ve worked for these past few weeks. A single weekend of bad choices won’t kill you. A lifetime of them will.

Second, how do we deal with these pressures and temptations? This past memorial day weekend Sarah and I visited the in-laws while participating in a 30 day Primal/Alcohol free challenge. It was tough at times to keep on track but we succeeded. Lets go through the above list and see how we can overcome some obstacles.

1) Unhealthy Food: Pack healthy food for yourself. For our challenge we had limitations on what we could eat so we packed up what we needed and brought it with us! Feel uncomfortable bringing your own thing? Bring enough to share and make it part of the weekends eats! You just might help someone else choose healthy too!

2) Unhealthy Portion Size: All those bowls of potato salad and other tempting dishes spread out before you! How to survive? Grab the smallest plate you can and stick with it. Being forced to go back to the table to get another serving will help you think twice. (Only have big paper plates? Rip it in half!)

3) Alcohol…..ooooh! A tough one. The majority of calories consumed on long weekends come from what’s in your glass. If you really feel uncomfortable when everyone around you has a beverage, substitute! Get a bottle of club soda and fill your glass with ice and some lime. The bubbles and taste will give you enough kick to keep you sated and keep your thirst in check and the act of having a drink in your hand will keep people from badgering you to have another.

4&5) Social Pressure: When people question why you’re not having a drink, helping yourself to the buffet, taking part in Dad’s famous bacon wrapped burger, or make remarks about the choices you’re making remember:

You are on a journey to improve yourself and your life. It is your journey and no one else’s. You make the rules and you pay the consequence when you break them.

If someone puts down your choices it is only because you are holding a mirror to their own shortcomings and bad decisions. When someone feels bad their natural reaction is to try and make you feel bad so they feel better.

We have to live like no one else now so We can live like no one else later.

Food Trivia Answers

Here are some of the trivia answers from last nights Food Trivia Adventure

Friday’s Dinner   out:

Mozzarella Sticks 1 Full football Game 760
Club Sandwich Run for 1 hour 860
Sweet Potato Fries wash the dishes for 2 hours 390
Brownie Obsession < 2 hours of working out with SGO 1222
Glass of beer 2 hours of heavy petting 243
Total: 3475

Food vs Exercise & Activity Calories
1 pound of Fat Run a Marathon 3500
Big Mac Meal Hike Cowles Mountain Twice 1000
Chilli’s Texas Cheese Fries 2 full NBA Basketball Games 1960
Chilli’s Cobb Salad Chop 240 Pieces of Wood 430
Mixed Salad with Oil & Vinegar 8 minutes of “Quickie” Sex 47
8 oz T-bone Steak 1 hour of Cycling 402
11 Nacho Doritos Waching Dishes 1 hour 150
Banana Shopping at the Mall (22 minutes) 72
Starbucks   Venti Frappuccino (pumpkin spice) 1 30 minute Zumba Class 375
Home made mashed potatos Run 2 Miles 237
Outback Garlic Mashed Potatos 25 Minutes of Bootcamp 305
Friday’s Dinner out: 4 1/2 NFL Football Games 3475

A Contract with Myself.

I _______, promise to make a commitment to my health & wellness…


I will LOVE myself.

I will acknowledge that I DESERVE this and that I am worth it.

I will beleive in myself.

I will not give up.

Even if I slip up, I promise to not beat myself up, but to get back on track.

I will be brave & bold.

I will try new things.

I will educate myself.

I will be dedicated to my goals.

I will trust the process and understand that it wont happen overnight.

I will feed my mind with positive thoughts.

I will feed my soul through positive actions.

I will not be jealous of others for acheiving their goals, (or for winning,) but instead be understudies to their success.

I will praise them for reaching them because I know they have faced their own struggles.

I will do it for MYSELF first.

I will do it for my family.

I will do it for my friends.

I will do it to inspire others and create a better world.

I will do it to LIVE a Long, Healthy, & Happy Life!

This is my Mission and my Mission starts right now!

Budgeting Weight Loss like a Lion on a Three Legged Stool

                I hope I’ve grabbed your attention with the title of this talk. When it comes to the subject of weight loss there are certain factors that always seem to come into play. Three I’d like to talk about today are Balance, Emotion, and Attitude.

Balance: To be successful in your weight loss journey you have to attack your goal with a balanced plan. Think of a three legged stool with each leg representing Diet, Exercise & Activity, and Attitude. If you’re missing any one of the three legs you will be in trouble. Make sure your plan of action covers all three.

Emotion: Let’s try and take emotion about our weight out of the conversation.  For the first two legs of the stool Diet and Exercise we constantly run into emotional responses and roadblocks to our goals. So I want you to try to envision your weight as a bank account.

If you owed 200,000 dollars what would you do to pay it back?  200 grand just doesn’t appear out of thin air. You have to save, work hard, and invest wisely. Consider your weight as that debt.

Healthy eating is putting money in the bank. Every small deposit, every healthy food option no matter how small helps to pay off the debt.

Exercise and Activity is you going to work. You wouldn’t expect someone to just come to your door everyday with a bag of cash would you. We nobody can do your work but you.

Educating yourself and having a plan and goal is investing wisely. The more knowledge you know about what goes into your body, what exercises work best for you, and where you want your life to go, the better you can plan for your future.


Attitude: I have an analogy for you. What makes the Lion the king of the jungle?

A lion isn’t the biggest animal in the world, he’s not the fastest, he’s not even the smartest. So what makes him king of the jungle? Attitude.

When a Lion and an Elephant meet. The elephant is by far the stronger and bigger creature and should surely crush the little lion. So the Lion should be scared right. What do you think goes through the Lions mind when he see an elephant?   LUNCH.

It is his attitude that makes him the King.

In the Human world our Lions are our Athletes. When you have a purpose and a goal to achieve, if you focus on being the best you can be at that one focus, all the other benefits such as weight loss, fitness and emotional happiness will fall into place.


Sum Up:

1)    Putting all of your efforts into one leg of the stool may keep you on top for a while but eventually you lose your balance.

2)    Take the emotion emotions out of the equation by changing the way you look at your numbers.

3)    Extreme versions of Diets may give you a quick boost in the beginning but if they are not supported by a healthy foundation you’re in trouble

Find the passion in your life that will improve with weight loss. When we focus on positive improvements on our lives we’re more successful.

Maryann Canepa …


Maryann Canepa Knapton is one of our success stories here at SGO Fitness. She is a hard worker and amazing mother of 3 beautiful children. Check out what she has to share:
 Summary of diet from 25 Oct 2010 to present = RESULT: 45-50 LBS LOST!!!
 Breakfast: Always 2-3 cups of reg black coffee  
1. ~ 4 days / week: Egg + one egg white, 3-4 slices of avocado, salsa  
2. Item #1 with a slice of WW br…ead or WW tortilla  
3. Egg + one egg white with cheese (sometimes black beans)  
4. 1-2 / week Oatmeal with a pinch of salt and a piece of fruit  
5. Occasional breakfast burrito from work cafe (healthy version): flour tortilla, scrambled eggs, green peppers, onions, and salsa (no cheese, potato, bacon) – ONLY AFTER MAJOR WORKOUT
 Snacks: 1. Fruit: apple, 2 oranges, 1 grapefruit, 1 pear  
2. ½ avocado with salt  
3. Carrots with or without hummus  
4. Nuts: cashews, almonds, pistachios (anywhere from ¼ cup to 1 cup). Keep under 200 calories  
5. Non fat/Low fat yogurt – Preferably Greek yogurt – way better for you.
6. Trail mix with choc and cranberries (1/4 cup) – this is a treat!
Lunch: Always with a diet coke  
1. 2-3 times / week: One can of tuna with romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onions, pepperocini, and Italian dressing (i.e. olive oil + vinegar)  
2. Trader Joss WW&Corn tortilla with black beans and cheese + fruit  
3. WW bread with lean lunch meat (turkey or ham) + slice of cheese + mustard + snack item  
4. Occasionally fast food: 3 mini chicken tacos on corn tortillas (only chicken, guac, onions, and cilantro) very salty  
5. Dinner leftovers  
6. Occasional Greek salad from work café
Dinner:   1. 3-4 oz of Meat: Fish, Chicken, Lamb, Steak with either a-c  
a. Grill or steamed Veggies: broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, etc.
b. Trader Joes Sweet Potato Fries (handful portion)  
c.  Romaine salad with tomatoes, onions, avocado and Italian dressing (served with each meal)  
 2. ¾ cup of pasta with tomato sauce and a small salad – ONLY AFTER MAJOR WORKOUT