5 TOP Exercises you MUST DO!

There are 5 MUST HAVE components to all of our workout designs.  Those 5 things include a “Push,” a “Pull,” a Squat, a Lunge, and a Core exercise.  Here are the 5 most important exercises that you can do daily at home to keep you fit for life!

1)      Squats:  There is no way around it, to keep your butt & legs strong and sexy, (and help you to avoid injury,) you have to squat!  Knowing how to squat with proper form can be challenging at first, but will come naturally with practice.  Well performed squats will help you avoid injuries that occur from picking heavy things up in life, (such as small kids, boxes, water jugs, etc.).

2)      Lunges:  Oh here we go…I can already hear the whining.  YES, you need to perform lunges regularly!  Again, for strong, sexy legs & butt, (and to help you avoid injuries,) this is a must.  Hey, you want the tight tooshie, so shut up and do it!  For best results, incorporate a variety of lunges in your workout; (i.e. forward, side, reverse, diagonal).

3)      Push Ups:  There’s a reason why this age-old exercise is still around…IT WORKS!  This exercise keeps your chest & triceps strong, while activating the core during stabilization.  What a killer exercise!

4)      Rows or Pull Up’s:  Want strong arms, upper back, and sexy biceps?  Then don’t skip this exercise!  Pull Up’s are most effective, but very tough for most of us.  If they are too difficult for you, try starting with some Rows first.  You will need a resistance band or some freeweights for Rows, (or try Lat Pull-Down’s if you have access to a machine.) 

5)      Planks:  We’ve heard it a thousand times…”How do I get a flat, sexy stomach?”  Well this exercise is the answer!  Not only does it activate the Transverse Abdominus, pulling everything inward for a flat tummy, but it strengthens the lower back too!  Post-Natal and people who have previously had injuries to the low back should make extra efforts to practice this exercise regularly.


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