Reasons for Sean & Sarah’s 30 Day Diet Challenge


Hello Everyone,

It feels like forever since we last posted for SGO fitness and there have been tons of subjects we’ve been wanting to cover!

So here’s the scoop, over the next several posts we’ll be covering a bunch of topics that have spurred Sarah and I to undertake a diet challenge of our own.

Over the past several months we’ve been working with a program called The Losers Club. This is a 12 week weight loss challenge where contestants have the opportunity to win a cash prize for the most weight lost. As the exclusive trainers for the group we’ve run into many questions and diets brought to our attention by contestants as they’ve explored their weight loss journey.

Sarah and I decided, after weeks of exploring some of their questions, to focus on two diet programs for ourselves. Sarah focused on a whole food diet avoiding meat and dairy protein. (see Forks over Knives for a quick summary) and I have focused my eating habits on the Paleo Solution, a diet eliminating dairy and grains otherwise known as “The Caveman Diet.”

We’ve been following these programs for 17 days now and we’ll post shortly about our findings and personal opinions. But I wanted to list a number of topics we’re going to cover over the next few days in addition to these two subjects. (Honestly, it’s an attempt to have you hold us accountable and not let work and bootcamps get in the way of us posting regularly)

Subjects on the block:

1         Paleo and everyday eating

2         Whole Food

3         Grocery Store Survival

4         Juice Fasts

5         Eating in the AM.

6         Pre and post workout meals! What do I eat?

7         Why did the scale go up after a good week?

8         Sarah and her Soy Protein Journey

9         Where we’re at after 14 days

So Keep you’re eyes open and your questions ready!

Dedicated to your success,

Sean Gogarty

SGO Fitness


Written By: Sarah Gogarty & SGO Fitness

Just how important is it to choose organic foods over the rest?  The argument is that organic foods are more healthy than non-organic.  But because many factors influence the nutritional value of foods, it isn’t actually possible to conduct a control study to prove this.  However, the bottom line is, “Organic foods are spared the application of potentially harmful long-lasting insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers.” (Janet Little, “Treat Your Baby Naturally”) Perhaps more worrisome are the studies that have shown that chemical exposure can have negative impacts in the womb and on developing children.  This is partly because pound for pound exposure to a child is greater than that of an adult.  But also because the blood-brain barrier and lymphatic system of children is not fully developed yet, allowing for more exposure to the organ’s and systems.

Knowing these the potential risks, some of us decide to avoid chemically treated foods by going Organic.  But Organic foods can be expensive.  And perhaps you aren’t quite fully convinced that non-organic foods are harmful.  Well here’s a list from Sprouts Farmers Market of the top 12 most & least contaminated fruits & vegetables from pesticides to help you decide what might be worth spending a little more on during your next Grocery Shop.


Top 12 MOST contaminated fruits & vegetables:




Cherries (US)




Grapes (Chile)






Top 12 LEAST contaminated fruits & vegetables:






Sweet Corn







Janet Little, CN and Sprouts Farmers Market presentation “Treat Your Baby Naturally” Parkway Plaza, Westfield Mall on 08/24/2011